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Tack Room

Our Tack Room is a perfect place to store any materials, feed, & equipment you would like to be safely locked away. It is of Anti��� Vandal design, to help reduce theft, damage and vandalism. It offers the ability to have two separate areas of the unit with a secure��locking door in between. It provides you with the option to store away equipment such as��saddle, bridle, helmet, rugs and horse whips at the far end of the unit, keeping them secure and allowing you to choose who has access to this area. The other section having the double doors open, can be used for example, to store feed, wellingtons, riding boots and outerwear. It can also be used as a sheltered work area.��Perfect for the wet, winter months ahead. This unit is complete with corrugated steel exterior panels, locking bars, lock box, and extra security when padlock is used. Internally complete with plywood flooring, lighting, power sockets and heating. Just what you need to plug in your kettle and have a cup of tea in the warm and dry. All our Tack Rooms are vermin proof, wind and water tight.��A bonus feature to keep the mice out of your feed.

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