What is a Modular Building?

A Modular Building is a large prefabricated sectional or demountable building that is manufactured in sections small enough to be transported to site and then fixed together to form a larger building. They can be used for either temporary or permanent use such as site offices, office blocks, classrooms, living accommodation, hotel buildings and many more.

What sizes do Modular buildings come in?

A Modular Building as new is bespoke and built to order, there are no standard sizes. Used Modular Buildings vary in size according to the original clients’ specifications; however, we are able to increase or decrease sizes of our used Modular Buildings to meet all customers’ requirements.

Does a Modular Building need to comply with UK Building Regulations?

Any Modular Building manufactured during or after 2006 would need to comply with current regulations. ADL2A which covers the manufacture of portable buildings. If you are looking to buy a used Modular Building manufactured before 2006 this would have to be discussed on an individual basis.

Do your modular buildings comply with the Equality Act 2010, SENDA and Part M of the Building Regulations?

We can meet the requirements of these regulations and the obligations of the Equality Act 2010, to meet project-specific needs. You should seek clarification of these requirements from your local Building Control department before finalising your accommodation solution.

Do your buildings comply with Building Regulations?

Yes. Our buildings offer ready-to-use working environments that meet the requirements of The Building Regulations, The Building Standards (Scotland), and other permanent building regulations - including Part M (2004).

What can you do to enhance the security of my modular building?

A range of optional extras is available to enhance the security of your building and prevent break-ins. These range from electric or manual steel shutters and window guards to intruder alarm systems.

Can I get a partition, extra door, toilet, kitchen, etc. in my portable office building?

We can make alterations and additions for long-term hires of portable buildings. Please feel free to discuss your needs with our staff for a specific quote.

Does the portable office come with heating?

All of our hire cabins come equipped with lighting, heaters, and electric sockets, and climate control is available. Sale portable cabins come as described, although the majority are similarly equipped.

How do I connect the building to electricity, telephone and data cables?

Our buildings are fitted with a consumer unit, tested to BS7671. A qualified electrician must connect the consumer unit to a mains supply. We advise you to contact your communications systems provider to arrange connection to computer and telephone systems.

I don’t have much space available for my portable cabins. Can they be stacked?

Many mobile buildings can be stacked. Please email or phone to discuss clearance, compatibility, and safety issues. Stairs are available for an additional charge or you may provide your own.

How are modular buildings delivered?

We will make all arrangements for the delivery of your building. Modular and portable buildings are transported by road on a flat-bed lorry or trailer platform and positioned using a lorry-mounted or standard crane. Modular buildings are then lifted into position using lifting eyes.

What preparations do I need to make before delivery?

You will need to keep access to the site completely clear of obstructions, allowing enough space for the vehicle delivering the building. Suitable foundations or a level hard-standing area must be available to accommodate the building. We will advise you on these matters during a site inspection.

What type of foundations will my building require?

This depends on the surface the building will be standing on, and the type of building. Portable buildings that will be located on hard standing will only require shims. For other surfaces, or for modular buildings, surface mounted reusable pad foundations can provide the perfect solution. The foundations required will depend on the site conditions, the building weight and floor loads, so we will always advise you on your individual requirements.

Can you place a portable cabin inside a building?

This is possible if the door is large enough. The floor must be smooth and level, as we set the cabin on large skates and push it into place. Please take into account any low hanging lighting or other fixtures. Required clearances vary with type and size of unit. A site visit may be necessary, although photos and measurements may suffice

What happens if I have a problem with my building?

You should contact our Sales Customer Services team on 01594 528224, who will provide ongoing support after your building is delivered. They will act quickly to remedy any problems you may have. Remember that all new buildings purchased are covered by a warranty package for your complete peace of mind.

How much are your design fees?

The cost of our buildings includes all relevant professional fees to carry out the design and construction of your building

Can I stop by to view a unit?

Everyone is welcome and we would be pleased to meet with you. Please phone for an appointment so we can be sure to have one of our friendly staff members available to serve you.

Do you have a minimum hire period?

Yes, we require a 1 month minimum hire of our portable offices or storage containers, longer for distant sites.

What if I want to extend the hire of my portable office?

We are glad you are happy with your portable office. Please call or email us so we can plan on leaving the office in place. We will advise of any necessary paperwork.

Do you offer lease-to-buy arrangements?

Yes, please contact the sales team for details.

Do you deliver to all of the U.K.?

We consider each hire on an individual basis. We have travelled across the country for our customers that require long term hire of marketing suites and multiple units. Purchased portable offices can be delivered throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Do you connect the units on site?

Yes, please contact the sales office for a quote.

Do I need planning permission for a mobile office?

Regulations vary by area. We recommend that you contact your local authorities for requirements.

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